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Erika E. Perez, feature 2, Issue 23, Campus Life - By Erika E. Perez on Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 02:37

Director of Residential Life Delaphine Hudson
“I started out to be a teacher, but ended up in Student Affairs. I was a transfer student from Wayne County Community College in Detroit, Michigan and do understand what it is like transferring into a school Spring Term. I was an RA for three years in a co-ed residence hall at Saginaw Valley State University and loved being on duty, doing programs and most of all bonding with my residents. I was president for the Black Student Union at Saginaw Valley State College. I won the mud wrestling contest in my building, had a keg thrown in my residence halls while I was an on duty RA and had the football players decide to run through the courtyard with brown bags over their heads flashing their bodies. I student-taught 9th-12th grade at Freeland High School in Saginaw Michigan and was a full-time RA and did my Student Teaching at the same time at Freeland high school.”

Dean of Students Jeanne Ortiz
“My older brother, who was a well-known student leader, went to the same university, so I was constantly compared to him. I belonged to Delta Zeta national sorority and my most favorite memories revolve around spending time with my sisters, both informally on the residence hall floors we inhabited, as well as at the many community service projects we did in rural Pennsylvania.

For one of my classes, my roommate and I looked at the impact of shop lifting on the cost of consumer goods. I arranged with the local businesses, the Mansfield police, my faculty member and Campus Safety to shop lift from the local stores in Mansfield over a week’s period of time. My roommate and I “stole” over $1000 worth of merchandise which we promptly took to the Campus Safety Department for safe keeping. That was a lot of money back in 1973! There was even a story in the local paper about our efforts!”

President Sharon D. Herzberger (pictured with husband David)
“I attended Penn State, a large state university, back in the late 60s, when students were protesting the Vietnam War and President Nixon’s involvement. I majored in Psychology, thinking I might like to be a therapist until I realized that this career choice took being a patient person – not my best trait. Then I discovered that I loved research and teaching and went on to become a professor. I have often said that my biggest disappointment of my college years was not taking Physics. It is a cool subject and I missed out. My favorite memory of college was meeting my husband David. He was dating a friend of mine at the time we met, and he asked to borrow my notes – and the rest is history. The moral of the story: take good notes!”

Professor of Psychology Chuck Hill
“When I was a junior in high school, I was interested in electronics and wanted to become an electrical engineer. But I attended a two-week summer engineering program and hated it. I didn’t want my research findings to be owned by a company and not be able to be shared with others. So I decided to major in Physics instead. I attended the Honors College at the University of Oregon, graduating in 1965. I then earned a master’s degree in Physics at the University of Washington in 1967. I was bored copying numbers at a cyclotron in graduate school. I decided that I was more interested in studying people, so I earned a second masters degree in Sociology in 1970. Then I decided that I was really interested in studying interpersonal interaction, so I earned a PhD in Social Psychology at Harvard University in 1975.

After my freshman year in a dorm, I decided to move into an apartment but I was lonely. So I joined Delta Chi fraternity, where I developed leadership skills and friendships with people who are still friends today.”