American energy

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american energy, gas prices, Issue 20, staff ed, staff editorial, Opinion - By Quaker Campus on Thursday, March 1, 2012 - 03:25

The rising cost of fuel has made driving ever more expensive. The average cost of regular gasoline has reached $4.33 in California, as of the printing of this issue. This has had a remarkable impact on the way Americans live their lives. Fuel consumption this month was at its lowest point since 1997, meaning that consumers are determined to curb their fuel usage as a result of these increases.

While the world is indeed more interconnected than ever before, it is imperative for the U.S. to stabilize the volatile cost of energy by developing the means for domestic production. Events outside of our control have always been a factor in commodity price levels here at home. However, we need to take steps to alleviate these effects.

This current economic recovery could be aided by investing in resources that will help to secure America’s energy future. Using today’s technology we can grow our own energy network, and in the process create jobs for Americans in what would be high growth industries. Let us make energy here in America and protect our way of life. People should not have to pay more for their means of transportation simply because of tensions in the Middle East. This is an obstacle that we as a country can overcome with careful planning and timely investment.