Birth control: fact and fiction

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A female visits the doctor only to wait and then find out that she is pregnant. “But I take birth control every day,” she says. With further questioning, the doctor makes the connection between the unexpected pregnancy and the joint consumption of birth control pills with antibiotics.

As students consider birth control options, there are precautions like this that they need to be aware of, in addition to researching dangers and rumors about the methods.

“If you are taking antibiotics, they will greatly reduce the effectiveness of your birth control, so make sure you have a back-up plan,” Assistant Professor of Psychology Christina Scott, who teaches Human Sexuality said. “I have seen so many women that do not know this.”

Types of birth control available include hormone-based methods whereby hormones are released to the body via pills, vaginal ring, patch, injection or intrauterine device (IUD); barrier and spermicide methods, such as male and female condoms, spermicides, diaphragm, cervical cap and sponge; non-hormonal IUD, where copper is used for its toxicity to sperm; tube sterilization and vasectomy.

The effectiveness, side effects, and risks for each method of birth control vary and were discussed by Scott in an interview and in Second-year Resident at the Student Health and Wellness Center Rebecca Sapien’s presentation on birth control options on Tuesday, March 15.

Side effects associated with birth control pills are dizziness, upset stomach, changes in menstruation, mood changes, increase in blood pressure and weight gain. More serious risks include blood clots, heart attacks and stroke.

However, recent research published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism suggests that progestogen-only pills are not linked to heart attacks while there may be a higher risk for combined birth control pills with progestogen and estrogen.

Although possible side effects are undesirable, Scott encourages females to do their own research because everyone’s body is different.

“You want the lowest amount of hormones possible that is still effective,” Scott said as a starting point to choosing the right hormone-based method. “Ask your mom if she used the pill.  You want to talk to your doctor before you choose, they will do a pap smear and pelvic exam to test for cervical cancer and [make sure] that your body is healthy and able to handle it.”

“I used to think about the side effects but not anymore because they don’t happen to me,” junior Melissa Lam said.

In her lecture, Sapien stressed that only male condoms have been proven to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). She also brought up the importance of knowing one’s family history, for example asking about certain cancers, since the combined pill may have a higher risk of breast cancer.

“If it’s an estrogen receptor type cancer, you wouldn’t want to put the patient on estrogen pills,” Sapien said.

In addition, she informed the audience that the risk of having blood clots, heart attacks and stroke are low unless the user is over 35 and/or a smoker.

“I knew some of the basic stuff because I’ve had the sex education, but I didn’t know all the different effects of all of them,” first-year Claribel Solorio said after the presentation. “It sounds kind of scary, but then again the chances that you’ll get it are low but some of the side effects are worrisome because blood clots are serious.”

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