Earth Week: bartering, bees, saving trees

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Campus Life - By Joe Evans on Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 05:47

This entire week for Whittier College is dedicated to raising awareness about certain global issues that affect our society today. Juniors Emily Baeza and Amber Orozco, along with the help of Raising Awareness for the Environment (RAE) decided to incorporate a week dedicated to Earth and what one can do as a busy college student.

“Change that starts from within a community can change the world,” Orozco said. Each day is focused on bringing to light different issues, from the importance of bees and other endangered species to the amount of food that is wasted on a daily basis.
Various activities, such as a showing of the film Dive, are also held for those students that want to take a more active role in this week.

One event in particular that was particularly unique was the “From Junk Trunk to Treasure Chest” event on Wednesday, April 18. “This event was to help people get rid of their junk, instead of throwing it away, trading and bartering potentially for something cool,” junior Danelia Lopez said. “This therefore reduces the excess of stuff being thrown away into the trash, and instead gets to trade it.”

The students of Whittier College received this event very well, although it was low-key. Students bartered shirts, pants and even shoes and other accessories with one another, in a friendly and stress free environment.

This took place on the grass in front of the Spot, a well-known hang out for students. “I really liked the whole bartering session,” first-year Samantha Woehl said, “I was surprised by the quality of the stuff that was there.”

A few of the events offered include a tour of the Wanberg garden and a beach cleanup on this coming Saturday, April 21.

“This event is to not only raise and build awareness about these certain issues, but also to suggest and offer ways one can help,” Orozco said. “It is hard as a student to devote your life to a cause like this, but it is the little, easy things that you can do day to day that help.”
This is the first year a weeklong event like this has been done, and has set the foundation for many more earth weeks to come.

Picture by Amanda Edwards