Flirty Dirty Thursdays: SAD Nymphos

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Nymphomaniacs: Fact and Fiction

It is a term you often hear thrown around in the halls of colleges. Whether it means your personal great white buffalo, or it’s simply a derogatory term, many people today actually use the term wrongly. The famous sex researcher Dr. Alfred Kinsey once said a nymphomaniac is “someone who has more sex than you.” Here we take a look into the myths and facts about the word, so that this Valentine’s season, you know exactly what to specify on that Mr./Ms. Perfect wish list of yours.

Nymphomania is a medical condition: FICTION

Before you go diagnosing that friend of yours who never leaves the bedroom, think twice. There is no actual medical diagnosis for nymphomania. For the minority of Hollywood celebrities not seeking alcohol or drug related treatment in rehab, sex addiction is a more medically correct term. Hypersexual is a more correct way of assessing a person with an abnormally high sex drive, however even the degree of abnormal is debatable.

The term nymphomania can be used to describe both men and women: FICTION

For males of the world the proper classification is known as satyriasis. Both words get their origin from Greek mythology. For the less literary people of the world, a nymph is a female creature who is known for being enchantingly beautiful and mischievous. A satyr is half man, half goat feature complete with horns and a penchant for the unrestrained, according to

A Christian inspired website recognizes nymphos and even encourages it! (As long as you put a ring on it, that is.): FACT

If you think religion cannot be fun, take a look at A website whose title proclaims “Married sex: Spicy, the way God intended it to be.” A big part of beating that high divorce rate is keeping the spark alive in a marriage, and this blog exists to help that cause. With tabs ranging from “Prayer Requests” to “Position of the Day,” devout writers recognize the importance of sexuality and even celebrate it in the name of their religion within a marital commitment.

Nymphomaniacs must be having the time of their lives: FICTION

An old adage says that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and this stands true even for the pleasurable act of sex. A compulsion in any form begins to take its toll and may be hiding deeper problems like intimacy or commitment issues. Sex is best enjoyed when kept exciting, spontaneous even. Becoming a necessary chore is one of the surest ways to make that exciting flame burn out quickly.