Gardening Club shows us their greens

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dynamic, Gardening Club, Hugo Guzman, Kristin Williams, Wanberg Hall, Campus Life - By Hugo Guzman on Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 04:08

Whittier College’s Gardening Club finally reaped the fruit of their labors this Tuesday, March 20, when they hosted a dinner for their members and students interested in the club. Taking place just outside of Wanburg Hall, the dinner attracted a fair amount of interest from students.

Gardening Club sprung out of 2011 graduate Reme Bohlin’s senior project, which planted a garden of native plants outside of Wanburg Hall. After Bohlin’s graduation, students involved in the project began to work on a grander project: a vegetable garden by the native plants. Most of the work that went into the creation of the vegetable garden was done over the 2011 summer, but the club that currently maintains it was officially created last fall.

The Gardening Club currently works to grow vegetables and select fruits in the garden. They also work with composting and worm beds, which are very healthy for plants. In addition to that, they have connections with the Whittier community, with two students interning at the local Boys’ and Girls’ Club and another two at the Salvation Army.

The club’s advisor is Associate Professor sal johnston. Originally the advisor for Reme Bohlin, johnston now leads the Garden Club in their horticultural exploits. He is hoping to be able to expand the club into a class next semester, which he says would be something along the lines of “Gardening 101.” johnston stressed that the class is still “pending approval,” however. Also leading the club as its president is senior Erik Rempen. “I hope to encourage appreciation for the natural world through gardening and sustainability,” he said. “I hope it [the garden] maintains itself and it becomes a part of Whittier College.”

The Garden Party served as a celebration of hard work— but there is still more to be done! If anyone is interested in helping out, the club meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m.

Picture by Kristin Williams