Hertz car rental program to liberate car-less Poets in SoCal

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dynamic, Hannah Martin, issue 5, Linda Park, Campus Life - By Hannah Martin on Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 04:33

Living on campus can feel like a prison without transportation. You find yourself asking to borrow your roommate’s car, making half-hour trips to get food that is not native to the C.I., and ultimately, being held back from exploring southern California.

Kicking off on Friday, Oct. 8, a new Rent-a-Car system will begin under the Hertz Company, allowing eligible students to rent cars. Now, non-commuters without cars will be able to break free from the confines of Whittier without having to find someone to give them a ride.

“I would rent one, because it is way too hard to get a full-time car, and these are easier to get and do not cost thousands of dollars,” first-year Eric Leatherwood said.

The Hertz program will likely be a huge hit among first-years, many of which who have had to leave their cars back home.
“Jeanne Ortiz initiated the contact,” Director of LEAP Rick Clark said. “She got in touch with them and had them make a Powerpoint presentation for us, and we felt with this information that this would be a great opportunity for students who don’t have cars to get around and see the sights of California, give them the capability of having transportation so they can get around and see the area.”

Cars can be kept for up to three days, and everyone who wants to use the cars must sign up for membership. Normally, you have to be 21 or older to rent a car, but with Connect by Hertz, you only have to be 18. There are Ford Fusions available are $8 an hour up to $64 a day, and once you reach the $64, you just pay a flat rate. The Ford Escape is $9 an hour, $72 max per day.
Insurance and gas is also covered in the rental cost. Vehicles can be rented online by going to a special Whittier page on the Hertz website (www.connectbyhertz.com).

A lot of anticipation is building up among students. Going out on the town has never been easier.

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Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2010-10-07 16:04.

Great informational article, Hannah!

It sounds like you are already in the swing of campus life! We are in Banbury Cross and have been enjoying life on the road in the uk. On our way to gram and gramp martin tomorrow.

Keep up the good work. Luv, Aunt Jeanne