Library celebrates national library week

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Kristin Williams, National Library Day, News, Wardman Library - By Kristin Williams on Thursday, April 12, 2012 - 05:14

The musty, delicious smell of old books is lingers in the air in the Bonnie Bell Wardman Library, along with the whispered voices of students discussing their recently purchased books. For this week only, students are purchasing books from the library, not just borrowing.

The occasion is the Wardman Library’s Used Book Sale, which began Tuesday, April 10 and is continuing until the end of the day on Thursday, April 12. The sale was planned to coincide with National Library Week, which is celebrated around the country by public libraries. Books of all shapes and subjects are being sold for $0.50 each and book sets are sold for $2. Many students are attending for the first time. “I didn’t realize the library held these used book sales until a friend told me it was going on. I think it’s a great idea,” sophomore Alexa Tanen said, holding her newly purchased copy of Early Japan.

Library Director Laurel Crump had a lot to do with the organization of the event. “This is typically something celebrated by public libraries, and though we’re only a small academic library, we’d like to do something too,” Crump said. Ideas began floating around two years ago about having a used book sale for the numerous books that the library discards. Books are usually discarded when they are severely damaged or can be updated to newer, more relevant versions.

Students not only can purchase these books, but also are treated with snacks and brownie bites baked by Crump herself. In addition, every student who purchases a book gets entered into a raffle for a gift certificate, normally for a local restaurant.
Also, if you are in the library and feeling a bit more spendy, there is a silent auction for some of the more valuable and rare books.

So where do these proceeds go? According to Crump, one hundred percent of the proceeds go directly back into the library, typically to purchase something useful for the students. In the past the library has used the proceeds to buy tables and newspaper racks. Also, all of the books that do not sell are donated to a paper recycling company.

Although the library would like to organize more events for National Library Week, they also know it is a hectic time in the semester to students, sandwiched between Spring Break and finals, and that everyone already has a lot going on. But for now, the Wardman Library is happy to continue holding the popular Used Book Sale. As Crump put it, “I just want to get more students back in the library.”