Light of learning passed on to new Poets

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feature 2, issue 15, Joe Evans, Light of learning, Ryan Inouye, Campus Life - By Joe Evans on Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 02:08

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, around about 1 p.m., incoming Whittier students and their families gathered in the Campus Center for the new student orientation. They were first welcomed by both current Whittier students as well as faculty members gathered there and were given an overview of the orientation and what will take place.

After that, the new students were taken into Club 88 where they were introduced to all of the student life advisors. They described to the students what their services are and then quizzed them with some Whittier College trivia. This trivia game was modeled after the hit game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? except this was the “Whittier College Edition.” This activity introduced the incoming students to many of the helpful services and opportunities that Whittier College offers, like Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS) and the Student Health and Wellness Center.

After a break, the students and parents reconvened at Villalobos Hall to have dinner. During which, current Whittier students talked about their experiences from transferring to here, how they got through orientation and acclimating to dorm life here, as well as making friends. This talk was put on to not only alleviate possible worries from the new students but to also put the parent’s minds at ease when it comes time to say goodbye.

The very last and most important event during the orientation is the light of learning ceremony. This event took place in the Campus Center Courtyard, where students and their families gathered together along with members of the faculty including President Sharon Herzberger. During this ceremony, each of the students was given an unlit candle to hold, and as the ceremony progressed they were lit.

This lighting of the candle symbolized the light of learning, passed on from professor to student. This ceremony formally welcomed the incoming students into Whittier College, and as they said goodbye to their parents, however tear-filled they were, these new students were ready to begin the pursuit for academic success here at Whittier College.

Picture by Ryan Inouye