MarT Gras: untouched by bad luck on Friday the thirteenth

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dance, Joe Evans, MarTGras, Campus Life - By Joe Evans on Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 05:56

On Friday the 13th, the Campus Center courtyard and Club 88 were ablaze with music and dancing for the MarT Gras dance.

This dance, hosted and coordinated by the Thalian Society, gathered a large amount of Whittier students to the courtyard, despite the cold and rainy weather earlier in the day. This event is one of the biggest dances that the Thalian Society hosts throughout the entire year, and therefore a lot of planning had to be put into it. “MarT Gras is something that our society coordinates and prepares for all semester, from venue searching, decoration researching and obtaining, to appropriate DJs,” Thalian Claire Thomas said. “Overall, I would say that our event was a great success.”

In order to succeed in pulling off such a large event, the Thalian Society had to appoint several of the girls to lead groups for preparation and organization of the event. “Since this is the biggest event our society puts on, there was a lot of planning and instructing involved,” sophomore Claudia Muñoz said. “We are such a close-knit community and that was important when planning this whole thing out.”

Students felt the dance vibes that Friday the 13th. “I could hear the music and beats all the way across campus,” first-year Joe Tortolani said. This dance attracted a wide variety of students, from societies to first-years. “I had a lot of fun at the MarT Gras dance,” first year Samantha Woehl said. “Even though it was a little slow in the beginning, as the dance carried on into the night, more and more people showed up and it got really fun.”

The dances put on by the Whittier College societies gather the student body together. “Every society on campus brings something different to school events and the Thalian society is no exception.” Thomas said. “Dances and other society sponsored events provide an outlet for students to have fun in a safe environment with friends, classmates and other members of the Whittier community.”