Monogamy degraded

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issue 5, Korrine Hilgeman, music, relationships dismissed, Opinion - By Korrine Hilgeman on Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 03:34

It’s nothing new that the success rate of modern marriages is at a shockingly low point. Nobody seems to be able to stay in a state of monogamy for a lifetime. And be it a cause or effect, today’s music seems to be echoing this theme of degraded monogamy.

Every other song on the radio seems to be about someone in a relationship pining after someone else. How is this acceptable? And why is this theme so prevalent in music today?
Reports of infidelity even amongst celebrities seem to be at an all-time high. Even women of extraordinary beauty like Eva Longoria, who are regarded as a total catch the world over, are ending their relationships over reports of unfaithfulness.

I’ve always been of the mindset that if you’re committed to someone else, that means something. A wandering eye every once in a while is okay, but to act on those fleeting attractions is an entirely different thing.

If you feel strongly enough about a person to act on those feelings, why not end the relationship you’re in first? And if you still try to claim you love the person you’re dating, that’s laughable. If you truly cared about someone, you’d keep it in your pants.

This certainly applies to both genders. I’m not at all saying that cheating and infidelity is more common in either men or women. It seems to be an increasing phenomenon in the world.
Some people argue that monogamy is not “the natural state” of people and that remaining free and not tied down is more in line with human nature. Never settling down and committing is not the same as infidelity, however.

If people want to take part in free love and date and sleep with multiple people, that’s their own decision. If it makes them happy and content, all the power to them for finding a good balance that they enjoy. As long as they’re not in a committed relationship at the time, pursuing physical relations with multiple people is perfectly fine if it’s what you want.
However, the level of acceptance for these behaviors that degrade monogamy is not acceptable, despite today’s society and culture attempting to tell you otherwise.