Notable actors collaborate for tribute

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Julian Sands’ creased suit, blond spikes and beads of sweat were spotlighted on the Ruth B. Shannon Center stage on Tuesday, March 13.

The actor from the films The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Oceans 13 stars in A Celebration of Harold Pinter directed by John Malkovich.

This film illuminates the different poems by Pinter, from the 1950s to the year of his death in 2008.

Sands would talk about events and important people in Pinter’s life, such as his wife, his varied number of plays and sometimes just quotes from the poet.

“I am very faithful to Harold’s play,” Sands said, when commenting about one he saw. “I recommend it. You can now see them all on YouTube.” The audience laughed.

At another point during the night, Sands imitated Pinter’s poem about pauses where they vary between hesitation, a break, a pause and just silence. The way he executed each moment was hilarious and thought provoking, since not many people ever really thought about the different ways to pause.

“Julian Sands’ performance was exhilarating,” junior Laurin Peters said. “It kept me on my toes.”

Between the many poems, he recalled the memories that he had with his friend Pinter and the reasons behind the poetry that corresponded with his life.

Considering that Sands is an actor, each poem was like a mini-play.

He put an enormous amount of energy in each poem as if it was a role for a movie. Sometimes he acted out the verses by mimicking Pinter.

Both of these aspects made the audience appreciate his one night only performance, which was heard by the laughter and appreciative silence throughout the seats.

In addition to those aspects, the humor from Sands’ readings was mostly directed to English and Theatre enthusiasts. There were references to different playwrights and other poets that were not always relevant to the poems being performed.

Nevertheless, he made the night entertaining. “I really loved it,” first-year Kaylyn Wold said. “I didn’t know who this poet was before and it’s really nice to see poetry through a theatrical view.”

He continued to read small passages from several books until the question and answer session at the end.

One of the questions was about how this whole project came about. Pinter had chosen Sands to take over the reading of selections of poems at a women’s shelter when Pinter had lost his voice.

Sands was tutored by him, and at a memorial tribute, he decided to have a recorder in his pocket while he read some of Pinter’s poems.

Afterwards he sent it to a few of his friends, one being Malkovich, who then suggested that it should be combined with theatre.

Despite all this, only Pinter would know why he chose Sands to be his replacement. Sands suspects his voice, but even if it is his voice, his acting has contributed a large part to the poems and prose.

Poems have never been made more interesting.

Picture by Tyler Butler