Oh, where art thou Whittier?

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issue 5, Roxy Smith, Opinion - By Roxy Smith on Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 02:29

You assume you will find out what your plans are for Saturday night sometime that day. But soon it is Saturday at dusk and the quad is quiet. There is not a person around to ask what is going on. There is an eerie feeling that overcomes you as you walk back to your dorm and think, “Where is everyone?”

Personally, I believe college is about fully immersing yourself in the unknown and starting a new chapter of your life. I am not sure about anyone else, but one of the major reasons I declined schools like SDSU and UCSB and came to Whittier College was because I heard that a considerable amount of the students at those universities went home on weekends or were commuters.
I wanted a school that could provide the ultimate college experience where there are always lots of options of things to do. I thought I had found that at Whittier, until the second or third weekend when I realized how many of the first-year students spent it off-campus.

“Students leaving on weekends really affects the feel of the campus,” sophomore Amber Orozco said. “It draws back from the overall college experience.”

Where do they go? Whittier College is the perfect location. It is a couple miles away from the shopping of LA and the surf-worthy swells of the Southern California beaches. It is no surprise that many students with cars get out of small-town Whittier to go to these nearby attractions. However, many people also retreat back to their hometowns to see some old friends and enjoy a few home-cooked meals.

“It is understandable to go home some weekends if you’re close enough to go and see your family and friends,” first-year Alex Jungsten said.

While adjusting to the lifestyle of a college student can be uncomfortable or hard to get used to at certain times, many believe it is better to stick it out in order to adjust.

“People should appreciate the college experience for what it is by remaining on campus for the weekends to get the full feel,” first-year Avery Duncan said.

I am not saying going home a couple weekends throughout the year is something to be looked down upon. However, when college students depend on the comfort of their old friends and high school weekend routine, there is probably an issue. My challenge to those who find themselves targeted by this article is to stick around one of these next couple weekends, and I doubt you will be disappointed.