Poets confess same-sex crushes

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Dylan Conroy, Issue 27, Campus Life - By Dylan Conroy on Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 03:23

The term crush has evolved to encompass several different meanings.

Today, there are friend crushes, respect loves, beauty envies and those you want to have intellectual intercourse with, all with different meanings and implications. A crush does not necessarily mean wanting to pursue someone romantically.

In today’s society same-sex crushes are becoming more and more common, and our Poets are crushing hardcore on men and women in the spotlight.

Sharon Kikinins, First-year
“Penelope Cruz because she is funny, gorgeous and a great actress. She’s amazing in Vicky Christina Barcelona.”

Cassie Ronquillo, First-year
“Lady GaGa and Britney Spears because they are hot. Their music is hot too.”

Sarah Berjaoui, First-year
“Imogen Heap because I love and respect her music, and Angelina Jolie because she is super sexy.”

Jessica Miller, Sophomore
“Winona Ryder because she is as beautiful as she is crazy as she is strong.”

Neal Behrendt, Senior
“Zach Braff because he’s a boy you can take home to momma. It’s guy love.”

Patrick Sweigart, Sophomore
“Russel Crowe because anyone that can make Gladiator is a badass.”

Andrew Fred Kim, Junior
“Sean Connery because he’s legit.”

Marissa Pitman, First-year
“Sandra Bullock because she’s an upstanding woman and good role model. Plus, she’s a funny and versatile actress.”

Casey Connorton, Sophomore
“Haley Williams because she’s kickass and can sing and play guitar. Major girl crush.”

Eric Miller, Junior
“Robert Downey, Jr. because he plays quick-witted funny characters.”

Paton Marshall, Senior
“Matthew McConaughey because I wouldn’t mind climbing Mt. McConaughey.”

Dennis Harris, Sophomore
“Jeremy Wariner because he is hardcore. He’s the best 400 runner and actually got rid of his college eligibility to go to the Olympics.”

Sam Granberry, Sophomore
“Brad Pitt because of Fight Club!”

Danelia Lopez, Sophomore
“Ciara because she’s got the perfect body and is really talented.”