Put the razor down, at least till December, No Shave November

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Take a look around. The crisp reds and yellows often associated with autumn are nowhere in sight, but another fall tradition is thriving on the faces of post-pubescent boys and men everywhere.

No Shave November, also affectionately referred to as Novembeard, has become equal parts; an anticipated month-long celebration and a dreaded reminder for those without facial fur.

The history of No Shave November is clouded in doubt and hippy smoke—meaning that the history depends on who you ask. Some say that it sprouted on East Coast college campuses and moved westward while others credit a group of men from Australia responsible for “Movember”—a mens’ charity that supports moustache growing for the entire month. Despite the unknown historical bearings, No Shave November has steadily grown from ZZ Top enthusiasts to males everywhere.

“It is more than a tradition,” sophomore Braden Sawyer said. “It is a lifestyle. It becomes a competition to have the gnarliest beard and every guy wants to win.” The competitive spirit of No Shave November is apparent, but hardly the main component, as most participants
encourage others to join the tradition.

While maintaining a beard may be a lifestyle choice for some men, for others November is a chance to step outside their comfort zone. “I’m jealous of those that can grow a beard because you look boss,” sophomore Brendan Beaghler said. “And after you shave it at the end of November, you feel like a whole new person.”

Sentiments like these are echoed across campuses and workplaces nationwide. Although most people view No Shave November as a light-hearted tradition, some are spurned by the notion that they cannot grow facial hair. “Mine grows like a kid who barely reached puberty so it would be stupid for me to grow it for a month,” sophomore Sam Granberry said.

Young men lacking facial fortitude are not the only ones displeased with the widespread popularity of the month without shaving. Girlfriends and wives are often not taken into consideration when a man decides to partake in the festivities. A Facebook group coined “Anti-No Shave November,” which is struggling to reach 200 likes, lists the top 10 reasons for shaving with number one being: “Facial hair is kinda gross!”

Gross or not, No Shave November is going nowhere fast as evident by their supportive Facebook group growing to over 24,000 members—erm, likes. Whether this tradition is merely a fad, a silent protest against the “ideal” man or just “boys being boys,” has yet to be determined. However, if this year is any indication No Shave November will continue to flourish as a celebration of scruffy-ness.

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