Rain cripples Whittier

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issue 15, opinions, rain, Staf ed, staff editorial, Opinion - By Quaker Campus on Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 01:44

By now the weather has returned to its constant summer temperature and it seems like the wonderful cold, raining weather was just a figment of our imaginations. Los Angeles is a land that seems not to understand that winter means that the temperature needs to get colder, and Whittier is a College that has seemed to not think that it is necessary to build their infrastructure to be prepared for rain.

On the rare occasions that the skies open up and water falls onto the campus it seems like the school was built specifically to keep the water. Rain causes huge puddles to form, creating impromptu pools. The marble quotes in the Campus Center are incredibly dangerous because they are so slippery. Even by putting grip around the corners to make them safe, if anyone steps on the center of the tile they will certainly slip. And the worst of all is that when it is raining the lower part of campus literally floods.

We understand that it rarely rains here but the school should have built the campus to prepare for the natural occurrence of rain. Students should not have to come to school equipped with boats just to get around.