Reading is knowledge

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opinions, reading, staff ed, Opinion - By Quaker Campus on Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 03:21

To many people, reading has become an American pastime. The cool thing today among youth seems to be playing video games and finding cool YouTube videos to share with your friends. The value of reading should not be lost in the dawning of our high technology world, but rather it should be embraced. Reading is the gateway to knowledge and one’s path to a higher state of being.

For centuries, man has written his story on paper, and reading continues to be an invaluable source for knowledge, however the magic of reading does not end there. Books have the ability to transport your mind, through the author’s words. The author might take you into his own life if you were to read their autobiographies. The author, should she be so inclined, can also whisk you away to a magical world full of witchcraft and wizardry. People today need the magic that comes with reading more than ever before.

Technology has in many ways facilitated the spread of reading in many forms, like e-readers for example. Today childhood revolves around technology more than in previous generations. Reading should remain a key part of a healthy childhood, as there are innumerable benefits to childhood readership.

Being educated and well-read has always been the cool thing to do, and readership plays a large role in one’s development. It is our hope that reading continues to be the stylish and sophisticated thing to do in one’s free time.