School clubs welcome new members

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Activities Fair, dynamic, Campus Life - By Ryan Inouye on Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 02:12

The Campus Center was abuzz during Whittier College’s bi-annual Activities Fair on Thursday, Sept. 8. Students were welcomed to pursue their interests by talking to representatives and signing up for clubs on campus.

Many first-year students took this opportunity to get involved around campus and meet new people. “It’s refreshing to see involvement from the students and how willing everybody is to help others show their diversity and be comfortable with it,” first-year Mark Smith said. The various organizations covered a wide array of interests, ranging from on-campus societies to the Equestrian Club.

The Art Club found many interested newcomers as a result of the fair. “We’re trying to bring awareness of the art world to campus,” senior Art Club Administrator Simone Weinstein said. “It’s great that this fair is allowing students to express their interest in creativity.”

The Hawaiian Islanders Club (HIC) also found the fair to be very beneficial. “We’ve had a lot of interested students…but we’re always looking for more,” sophomore Club Administrator Dana Tsuruda said. Although many students have admitted to believing they must be of a certain origin to join affinity clubs such as HIC, Amigos Unidos and the Black Student Union, this is a common misconception. “We welcome everyone to join HIC,” Tsuruda said.

Students who are interested in starting their own clubs are highly encouraged to do so. All it takes is an idea, an advisor and a few interested students to get your club up and running.

Picture by Ryan Inouye