Senior Spotlight: Kaitlin Cassidy

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Campus Life - By Ryan Inouye on Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 05:51

Kaitlin Cassidy
Hometown: West Covina, Calif.
Major: Whittier Scholars Program: Cinema Studies and Criticism

Why did you choose Whittier?

“I chose Whittier because I wanted a small-school atmosphere, and liked how it was far enough away from my house where it felt like I was in a different environment but was still close to home. The Whittier Scholars Program was also a real attraction to me. It was something I really looked into.”

What clubs/activities have you participated in?

“I am a member of the Athenian Society. I pledged my freshman year and have held positions such as President, Vice President and Treasurer.

I also began writing for the Quaker Campus my sophomore year. At first I just wanted to focus on writing movie reviews, but eventually I branched out and began writing for different sections. It was through the QC that I found out about QCTV, and I eventually began to do both. I am now general director of QCTV.”

What has been your favorite part about working with QCTV?

“What I like best about QCTV is that it made me realize how much I could accomplish if I put my mind to something. Since QCTV was so small when I was a sophomore, I really worked hard to develop QCTV’s presence on campus these past two years.

I have really enjoyed developing the organization and working with the staff. It has also been really rewarding to see how QCTV has expanded these past few years from just being a weekly episode to now offering ‘original programming.’

I really think QCTV has a great staff and I am really excited to see what they are going to do next year.”

How has working with QCTV prepared you for your future career(s)?

“QCTV has forced me to be organized and take on several different roles at once. Because the organization was small and had limited equipment at first, it really forced me and the staff to be creative and work with whatever we were given.

Working for the organization has been a really strong selling point on my resume. I believe QCTV has helped me get internships and develop my leadership skills.”

What internships have you had and which one was your favorite?

“In the spring of 2011 I interned with E! Entertainment, where I assisted the producers in the On-air Promotions Department.

The following summer I interned at a small agency called Cornerstone. Cornerstone is a promotions agency that works with companies who want to promote a specific product. Cornerstone will work with celebrities to get them to endorse the product. I would help with promotion assistance, and also did a lot of research for the company.

This past fall I interned at KABC7 in the programming department. In this department I assisted with the production of local shows like Vista L.A. and Island L.A.

Of the three internships I have had, KABC7 was definitely my favorite because I was able to do a lot of hands-on work and gain some production skills. I got to hold the boom mic, learn how to use the camera and practice using the lighting kits. Everyone there was really nice and wanted to give me the chance to learn as much as I could while I was there.

Another cool thing about the internship program was that the company allowed interns to see what it was like to work in a different department for a day, so I worked in the entertainment department and went to a shoot for a show called On the Red Carpet. I really loved being at KABC7 and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the field.”

What is your most memorable experience at Whittier College?

“Being in a society has been really memorable. Many of my friends are in my society, so I know we will keep in touch and be lifelong friends.

In addition to my society, I have also had many memorable moments with QCTV as well. It’s nice to finish an episode and see all the hard work you put in throughout the week come together as a finished product.

Actually, I recently went on a trip to Northern California with QCTV, which is an experience I will never forget. On March 7, sophomore Alexandra Sanchez—next year’s QCTV general director—and I went up to Sacramento for the day to cover Whittier College students protesting the Cal Grant budget cuts. Even though it was such a long day and there was only the two of us producing the episode, seeing the completed episode was really rewarding.

It was cool to see so many universities rallying together, and to see students from Whittier College be apart of it. I was honored that QCTV was given the opportunity to document it. It made me feel like a real journalist.

What are your plans after graduation?

“After having such a busy and stressful four years of college, I really just want to spend the summer having fun. In the long term, I have applied to some graduate programs and also plan to apply for some jobs. Whichever one has the better offer is the one I will most likely choose.”

Picture by Ryan Inouye