Students dabble in interior design: Poets transform their rooms at their on campus dorm rooms

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Issue 21, Ricardo Pitones, Features - By Ricardo Pitones on Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 04:35

Harris A is the location of not one but two rooms that have been customized to fit the styles of sophomores Jessica Rosnack, Eamon Kelly and Jorge Davila. These Poets have decided to break the mold and express themselves through their rooms.

Kelly and Davila’s room has been constructed into somewhat of a cave through the use of combined bunk beds and sheets. Inside the den the guys have created, there is a large flat screen TV with a gaming system. Along with that, there are also two mini fridges with a small fish aquarium mounted to the top of them. The fish tank is filled with many clown fish and it sits in front of a beaming blue fluorescent light giving it a cerulean glow.

Outside of the den the pillars that hold the beds up are coiled with bright yellow tube lights. On top of the cave-like structure lay the two beds along with a “hot tub” as Kelly calls it, which is used as storage for clothing.

“We wanted to make it as fun as possible, it came together through our collective ideas from last year to now,” Davila said.

The room is a reflection of their attitudes and personalities with an ambience of relaxation. “It has a lot of Texas stuff and it’s just fun,” Kelly said.

As for Rosnack’s room, she has colored it with browns, greens, soft yellows and deep purples—all earthy colors.

“My teammates have come in and complimented me on how I’ve done my bed and everyone that comes in likes the way I painted,” Rosnack said.

The room also has a canopy enveloping the bed, which is surrounded by Christmas lights.
There is never any fluorescent lighting used in the room, instead Rosnack opts to light the room with low lighting giving the room a soft hue and glow. “My room is very peaceful and calming, which I think is why I like coming back to it after a day of practice, class and everything,” Rosnack said.

Decorative home accessories are also laid out in the room to give an extra effect to the Zen-like atmosphere of the room.

These Poets have stepped outside of the box and created rooms that they find ideal for themselves. Their personalities are written across their rooms, all it takes is some time and ideas and anyone can create their own dream room.

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Nice decor and input, perhaps this a future career that you may decide to pursue....ranging from cloackroom benches to apartments. They array of possiblities are vast... ;)