Students prove that they will not be silenced by domestic violence

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Celeste Grey, Clothesline Project, domestic violence, feature 2, Joe Evans, Campus Life - By Joe Evans on Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 04:05

On Tuesday, March 20, the Campus Center Courtyard was transformed into veritable laundry room as dozens of white shirts were hung on a clothesline across the courtyard. This display, put on by the Cultural Center, was the main event for the aptly-named Clothesline Project. This event, which was assisted by the Metaphonian and William Penn Societies, was to promote and spread the word about violence towards men and women in relationships. This type of violence could include battery, assault, sexual abuse and even the loss of life through a relationship.

For this event, students of Whittier College who have either experienced personally, or had a family member or close friend that has suffered from any type of this violence, were given the chance to write something on a white T-shirt and have it hung in the Campus Center Courtyard.

The submissions on these shirts include either certain sayings people have, speaking out against the injustice of that type of violence or maybe personal stories from experience. This was done to give these afflicted students a sense of closure and support. The event was proven to be very popular by of the enormous number of shirts that were displayed.

“This event is a chance to give a voice to those who have been suffering with the effects of battery or abuse, and to perhaps give them a sense of support from others who have experienced the same,” Metaphonian senior Melissa Nunez said. “Not only that, but it might even give those currently suffering with abuse the inspiration to do something about it.” This event was completely anonymous as well, so there was absolutely no pressure or judgment. “We live in a society where women are objectified in the media, and I believe that this event reminds people that it is not right,” Metaphonian senior Susan Orona said.

Picture by Celeste Grey