In Time, time well spent

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Francis Maxwell, In Time, Issue 9, Movie Review, Entertainment - By Francis Maxwell on Thursday, November 3, 2011 - 00:54

In Time provides an ambitious story line and can be easily compared to problems in society today, it will no doubt have the viewer thinking. In a movie that focuses on the importance of time, there is no doubt that viewers will leave the cinema knowing that the last hour and 49 minutes was most definitely not wasted. The idea of time replacing money is very cleverly portrayed in this sci-fi thriller, and one that is bound to keep viewers focused throughout.

Director Andrew Niccol is no stranger to making movies that boggle the mind having previously directed movies such as The Truman Show, and In Time falls perfectly into that category. Niccol cleverly creates a reality in which time represents the struggle for money in today’s economic world.

In this futuristic setting, everyone stops aging at 25, which allows a healthy youthful all-star cast to play characters of all ages—for example the beautiful Olivia Wilde (Rachael Salas) plays Justin Timberlake’s (Will Salas) mother. However this circumstance carries a heavy burden, after reaching the age of 25 the clock is ticking ever closer to death. The first 25 years is a free ride, however after reaching that age only one additional one year is given, and in the poverty stricken areas that year decreases quicker than expected.

In a world where time is used to buy everything, it is clear to the viewer that the rich can live forever whereas the poor die young. Those who find themselves on the lower class of society are literally living on a day-to-day basis earning enough time to keep them alive.

The viewer is then introduced to a rebellious worker, Salas who finds himself with an endless amount of time resulting in conflict between the riches and a rollercoaster relationship with the millionaire time tycoons daughter Sylvia Weis, played by Amanda Seyfried. Niccol’s intelligent plot allows the viewer to be engrossed in the fantasy world as well as seeing the correlations to today’s economy.

According to, In Time is already tipped for instant success having only been released on Friday, Oct. 29, coming in as a new entry number 3 on the Box Office top 10. It has already made $12 million on its first weekend of release and according to sources on IMDb the revenue is expected to increase as the week goes on. Surprisingly, In Time only managed to score 6.5 stars on the popular website, however I feel those who enjoy fast paced action with a socially connected story line will beg to differ.

Sources such as the L.A. Times have applauded the performance of Timberlake and feel he is well on his way to shaking his boy band image. Impressive movie critic Besty Sharkey of the L.A times believes that Timberlake brings an “interesting sensibility to his characters” and if he continues to shine on the big screen it will not be long before he is considered as one of the best upcoming actors.

In Time’s talented young cast bring a sense of sincerity to the story line and I feel do an excellent job of portraying Niccol’s ever so clear comparisons to the economy today. Not only does it include a pretty cast, but a plot that will have socialists scratching their heads afterwards.